What I do

I am a partner and Adviser at Fairbridge Financial Services – a specialist life insurance advisory firm.

I work with my clients to provide advice and assistance in putting tailored Life Insurance solutions in place.

In simple terms, I am effectively your buyer’s-agent for life insurances, including life, disability, sickness and Income Protection cover.

I work with you to determine your insurance needs based on your specific financial position and financial goals (including the levels and types of cover you need), and then use that information to source the most relevant and competitive policies in the market for your needs.

I assist throughout the entire application and underwriting process to get your policies in place, including advice on the structure and funding mechanisms available to you.

My team at Fairbridge, and I, offer ongoing portfolio maintenance and support, including ongoing reviews of your goals, your cover, and the market. As you move through different stages in life your financial needs will change, and if appropriate, your Life insurances will need to change with them.

I believe I will add the most value at claim time, assisting as much as possible through an otherwise difficult process at a difficult time.


We’re Privately Owned.
Fairbridge is owned and operated by the people in our team, with no influence from any of the major financial banks or institutions.

No Insurer Limitations.
We work with all insurers across the market and as such, are able to place business with any company that may be most suited to your needs.

True Specialists.
With a focus on providing specialised risk insurance advice, and over 100 years combined experience, we have been able to build specific and industry leading knowledge on the insurance industry

Claims Management.
Not enough can be said for the value of having a specialist adviser to assist you through your insurance journey and especially at time of claim to ensure the best possible outcome.